Advocacy and Mediation

Donckhof Advocatuur & Mediation specializes in law of persons and family law, and in mediation. With expertise and commitment, we handle both national and international legal actions. International cases may concern:

  • divorce of partners of different nationality or partners who reside in different countries
  • enforcement in the Netherlands of a ruling pronounced abroad
  • the place of residence of the children
  • international child abduction

National actions may concern, for example:

  • divorce, termination of same-sex marriage, registered partnership or cohabitation,
  • parenting plans, co-parenting and visitation rights, custody, relocation, child abduction, family supervision, custodial placement, child maintenance, biological descent and adoption,
  • maintenance, pension and marital property

International child abduction

Donckhof has handled many cases involving international child abduction. If a child is taken abroad, or is taken to the Netherlands from abroad, without the consent of one of the parents who has custody, this could constitute international child abduction. If a child is taken to the Netherlands, the Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction applies. In most cases, child abduction does not involve malicious intent, but the parent taking the child does not realise that he or she requires consent to do so. It is therefore important to obtain sound advice if you are considering relocating to another country with your child or if you are considering coming to the Netherlands with your child.

If you have taken your child to the Netherlands, the other parent may start proceedings to have the child returned to the other country. These proceedings take place in the Netherlands. If the other parent has taken the child to the Netherlands, you can start proceedings in the Netherlands to have the child returned to your country. In both situations, Donckhof can assist you as a lawyer, offering expertise and commitment.

International divorces and other family law cases

Donckhof also has expertise in other international family law cases, such as international divorces or the enforcement in the Netherlands of a ruling pronounced abroad. It is important to realise that a ruling from another country may not be automatically recognised in the Netherlands. In many cases a ruling from another country must first be recognised by a Dutch court before it can be enforced in the Netherlands.

About Donckhof

Donckhof Advocatuur & Mediation was founded in 2009 by Ms Heleen Scheer, LL.M. Ms Heleen Scheer, LL.M., graduated in Dutch law at the University of Groningen. She then obtained a Master of Law (LL.M.) at the University of Cambridge, England. Ms Heleen Scheer, LL.M., has been a lawyer since 1995. Since the beginning of 2000, she has concentrated exclusively on the practice of the law of persons and family law, with a special focus on international persons and family law. Apart from being an attorney-at- law, Ms Heleen Scheer, LL.M., is also a certified mediator and cross-border mediator. Ms Heleen Scheer has a broad network of other specialists and lawyers both in the Netherlands as well as in many foreign countries.

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